LET’S DOIT: Austria's most modern tool store opens in Wels


The newly opened LET'S DOIT Shop in Wels is now Austria's most modern tool store. For the first time, many digital solutions from umdasch will be used in a stationary shop for tools and gardening equipment in addition to competent specialist advice. These solutions expand the product range and offer detailed information about products and services directly at the POS. In addition, customers can subject their product selection to an endurance test in live operation before making a purchase decision. They explore the Omni-channel experiences. Here, we see the most modern specialist tool store combining the advantages of online trading with those of experience shopping at the POS in a meaningful way, thus offers customers real added value.

A professional concept

At Austria's most modern specialist tools store, you can tackle and try out products and inform yourself: shopping at the LET'S DOIT Store Wels becomes an experience. No wonder that the leading group of tool retailers in Austria relies on umdasch The Store Makers. They nailed it! They put their money where their mouth is and created a place based on a concept by LET'S DOIT (an umbrella brand of 3e Handels- und Dienstleistungs AG) that places the customer and their advice at the centre of events. The so-called "plain text zone" in the centre of the store is the starting point for the Customer Journey. From here, the customer has an overview of the entire store and its sub-areas: The packing zone; where customers can try out all the tools including various building materials, the comparison zone, where visitors can interactively record all product information on the screen after the products themselves or their 3D replicas have been placed on a desk and of course classic product presentations for browsing and a hands-on experience.


© umdasch

Seamless shopping, how it should be

For the Store Makers from umdasch, an Omni-channel experience doesn't just mean setting up a few screens. It means to perform digital customer-oriented system integration where necessary. LET'S DOIT Wels is an example of this. Expanded sales counters with virtual shelves multiply the range to 20,000 products. Digital signage screens not only play videos in a permanent loop but are also actively used by staff in day-to-day business for advice via tablets. In addition, every channel is actually served. In other words, the advantages of stationary trade are tools that can not only be grabbed but also tried out. Products that can not only be visually compared but whose 3D-printed models can be physically captured and placed on the comparison zone, can transfer in-depth information to the screen. This makes it easy to compare all products - up to four at a time.

© umdasch

The customer journey runs like clockwork

The experience itself, creating a sense of amazement, is also a channel of its own for the creative minds of umdasch. Customers become children when they control the mowing robot by means of a mobile phone app on the artificial turf, or start the irrigation system (protected behind plexiglass). Natascha Werkl, designer at umdasch Shop Consult explains: "We wanted to create emotionality in the new store and excite customers through dramaturgical design. The goods on display were reduced, but the focus was on trying them out." For example, impact wrenches can be tested on car rims and cordless drills, saws and grinding machines can be put through their paces on wood and stone slabs. You can see here, the hands are hard at work and this is definitely desired at LET'S DOIT in Wels. The shop-in-shop solutions of the Milwaukee and Husqvarna profiling brands, which were specially designed for the specialist market, round off the range and make shopping at LET'S DOIT a real experience!

© umdasch

Holistic shopfitting

In order to ensure the consistent appearance of the brand, the CI colours of LET'S DOIT were also adopted in the furniture. It was designed to appeal to the target group, which is specifically geared to professionals and DIY enthusiasts, for whom practicality is paramount. Instead of a sterile design, the store makers at the professional tools specialty store are therefore focusing on an industrial look with materials such as expanded metal and steel from umdasch's own production. In the consultation zone, however, the interaction with people is in the foreground. Here, umdasch deliberately opted for a lively wooden floor. umdasch thought holistically in all respects. Individual profiling departments can be changed seasonally; where the lawnmower robot circles in summer, there is room for stoves in winter. The overall concept can be rolled out for stores from 500 to 2,000 m2.

© umdasch
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