Shopfitting systems with special effects

In addition to series productions, the shopfitting professionals of umdasch also plan and develop project-specific special solutions. Thus the Store Makers can always offer tailor-made store solutions according to your needs.

umdasch UV-C Fitting Room

The umdasch UV-C Fiting Room allows a quick and safe disinfection of all clothing and surfaces in the changing room. With the UV-C light used, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) are reliably removed.

Hygiene Station

Die Hygiene Station vereint alle verpflichtenden Maßnahmen für Geschäfte: Desinfektionsmittel-, Tuch- und Maskenspender. Händler können aus vier Modellen wählen – von der Light-Variante bis zur Hygiene Station Pro mit optional integrierter Technologie (Digital Signage und Zutrittskontrolle).

Staff Protection Shield

Your employees are still in direct contact with customers and do their very best to maintain the supply for us as a society. We would like to help you to protect your employees from a potential infection by droplet transmission.
Liquid Dispenser by umdasch

Liquid Dispenser

Sustainability made easy - re-using packaging with the shopfitting system Liquid Dispense
umdasch Display Box

Display Box

Brand industry meets trade - the display solution for all assortment groups and additional placements in food retail
Varitable by umdasch


Varitable is a modular table programme for all product ranges in the retail sector. It can be combined with individual components or electric add-ons.
umdasch Checkout


The checkout solution from the umdasch Store Makers is a modular shopfitting system which can be installed according to requirements.

Bake Off

The shopfitting professionals of umdasch developed a modular shelving system for bread and baked goods.


From Shelf to Table with one turn


A piece of furniture for every occasion - because no piece of furniture is as flexible as Fold-up! Thanks to its modular design, it offers the perfect platform for products of all kinds, regardless of their dimensions and product group.

Retail Cart

The mobile sales solution that brings the products to the consumers. It is fully customisable, adjustable and most importantly, movable!
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