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Production & Procurement

Shopfitting with

first-class quality

Our own production facilities, together with a global sourcing network, guarantee first-class quality and implementation on time. The production technologies we use are state of the art, whether they involve surface technology, powder coating, electroplating, CNC or laser technology. Our production techniques for shop equipment and sales-floor furnishings of wood, metal, wire mesh, plastic, acrylic and glass are produced individually or designed for production in large quantities. Special requirements can be fulfilled by means of the variably adjustable machine configurations.


As a result of our extensive experience in the processing of metal we have even developed an independent business area: umdasch Contract Manufacturing.


Partnership -
a shopfitting-life long

Do you want to become a partner of umdasch?
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Do you have already worked for the Umdasch Store Makers? If yes, for which one?

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References in the shopfitting sector

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What types of production is your company able to supply?

Sample or prototype construction
Production of single items
Small series
Large series

What are your main product ranges:

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Does your Company have a car pool to deliver our goods?

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Additional part - Glass

Where do you see your strengths?

Particularly good
Within limits, but possible
Not really
not possible
Toughened safety glass
Laminated safety glass
UV bonding
UV bonding on site
UV bonding to mitre
Curved glass, in-house
Curved glass, external
Water jet cutting
Laminated safety glass with colour film
Laminated safety glass with embedded glass
Blasted glass (sand, glass beads)
Etched glass
Painted glass
Screen-printed glass
Coloured mirrors
Facet finish
Glass construciton elements incl. installation
Hand-sealed mirror
Special glasses
Vitrine construction
Glass with digital print
Further important areas of expertise within your firm:

Additional part - Plastics

Where do you see your strengths?

Particularly good
Within limits, but possible
Not really
not possible
Illuminated logos
Laser engraving
Laser cutting
Sheet goods
Mould casting
Bonding to mitre
Variety of materials
Water jet cutting
Catalogue goods
Technical fittings
Turned parts
Manufacture of plastic displays
Further important areas of expertise within your firm:

Additional part - Metal

Where do you see your strengths?

Particularly good
Within limits, but possible
Not really
not possible
Steel processing
Stainless steel processing
Non-ferrous metall processing (copper, brass, etc.)
Other metals (grey cast iron, malleable cast iron)
Constructional steelwork
Mechanical engineering
Pipe systems / container construction
Sheet metalworking
Turning / milling / grinding / drilling technology
Surface finishing
SAWING tubing / framework
PUNCHING tubing / framework
LASER CUTTING tubing / framework
WELDING tubing / framework
BENDING tubing / framework
LASER CUTTING metal sheeting
WATER JET CUTTING metal sheeting
PUNCHING/ NIBBLING metal sheeting
EDGING metal sheeting
WELDING metal sheeting
GRINDING / POLISHING metal sheeting (also for pipe?)
CNC turning parts, milled parts
Embossing / die casting
WELDING metal grids
EDGING metal grids
EDGE ROLLING (CURLING) metal sheeting
Electroplating in-house
Electroplating external
Powder-coating in-house
Powder-coating external
Burnishing non-ferrous metals
Anodising in-house
WIG welding
MIG welding
MAG welding
Resistance welding
Aluminium welding
Stainless steel grinding
Stainless steel mirror polishing
Steel polishing
Further important areas of expertise within your firm:

Additional part - Assembly / Installation

Do your fitters carry with them a laptop with ACAD and internet access?

Do your fitters and supervisors carry a camera with them?

Special equipment which your fitters have with them or which they can have with them if required (e.g. mobile scaffolding, working platform etc.)

If available, details of airport passes of your fitters

+ Add (Max. 5)

Do you employ fitters who have already completed an air safety training course?

Which foreign languages do your fitters speak?

What are the working hours of your fitters?

Which additional services does your company provide?

Supervisory activities within the EU

Supervisory activitie worldwide


General contractor services

Are company vehicles available?

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Prices (not binding)

Where can fitting contracts be carried out?

Are work permits available for any countries?

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Additional part - Lighting

Details of product range

Particularly good
Within limits
Not really
not possible
Floor lighting, interior areas LED
Floor lighting, exterior areas LED
Shop lighting LED
Busbar systems

Type of lighting

Particularly good
Within limits
Not really
not possible
Lighting for retail
Exterior lighting
Furniture lighting LED
Decorative lighting wall/ flooring/ ceiling

Where are your products mainly used?

Within limits
Not really
Shopfitting furniture
Non Food Retail
Food Retail
Office lighting

How does your company operate?

Within limits
Not really
As retailer
As retailer with final assembly
Own production

Which other services do you offer?

Within limits
Not really
Lighting planning
Lighting control
Electrical installation work
Lighting calculations
Development of special solutions (with LED)
Within limits
Not really
Does your company have experience of the U.S.
Certification of your products for international use
Certified according to (e.g. EC, CCC, UL)
Certified for furniture lighting
Does your company undertake external work?

Additional part - General Contractor

In which sectors does your company operate?

Additional part - Wood

Where do you see your strengths?

Particularly good
Within limits
Not really
not possible
Veneer processing
Veneer trimming in-house
Buying-in of veneered sheets
Film and decorative finish processing
Solid wood processing
High gloss in-house
High gloss external
Surface / painting and varnishing
Mechanical intermediate varnish
Well-equipped, spacious paint shop
Mechanical, industrial varnishing/painting
PU varnish
Water-based varnish/paint
UV drying
Mechanical brushing
De-airing pugmill
Assembly of components (wood, metal, glass etc.)
Storage capacity, order picking
Glueing on slanting edges
Cutting automated
Edge glueing – thermoplastic glueing – PU laser
Glueing installations
CNC processing 3-axle
CNC processing 5-axle
Loading ramp available (particularly good = yes)
Further important areas of expertise within your firm:
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