umdasch Liquid Dispenser

Liquid Dispenser

Sustainability made easy

The umdasch Liquid Dispenser is a technically advanced system for refilling liquids. Thanks to integrated technology, the Liquid Dispenser is easy to operate. You place the container on the designated spot, select a product and press a button. The dispenser takes care of everything else, precisely, cleanly and hygienically. Acting sustainably has never been easier for producers, retailers and customers.


Various model variants are available for filling all types of products. They are individually tailored and designed to match your brand and goods. Numerous awards confirm the innovative power of the Liquid Dispenser. You too can benefit from it by starting a sustainable project for your company together!

Clean laundry, clean environment!

Fill up on washing detergent with the Liquid Dispenser. It´s customer-friendly, drip-free and easy to use. You buy the actual bottle for the detergent on the first purchase. As soon as the contents have been used up, the empty container is rinsed well and taken back to a shop with the Liquid Dispenser. There you simply fill the empty bottle with the Liquid Dispenser. What's more, is that you only pay for the contents and not for the packaging.


"Our refilling offers are very well received by our customers. The Liquid Dispenser is easy to use and a successful product for refilling". - Florian Hubmann

Refilling instead of recycling

Recycling plastics is all very well. But the megatrend “neo-ecology” shows new possibilities: Avoiding plastic in advance. How can this be done? Quite simply, by refilling. Refilling liquids and reusing packaging. The trend towards package-free shopping is constantly on the rise, and consumers are increasingly focusing on environmentally conscious actions by companies and brands. With the Liquid Dispenser from umdasch it is possible to support a sustainable reusing and recycling economy.

Refilling statt Recycling

Are the consumers ready?

The Store Makers from umdasch are pioneers in the field of refilling systems and have received clear results in a DACH-wide study with over 1,000 participants: 92% of the respondents stated that they would rather refill if there was the possibility, instead of throwing away. Different products, such as detergents and windscreen antifreeze were considered suitable by the participants. It is particularly important to the customers that the dispensing of the product is uncomplicated and, above all, hygienic.

Statistik Reflling Systeme

The technology

Michaela Drage, the Engineering Director at umdasch, is responsible for the development of the Liquid Dispenser: "The result of the development work for the P.O.S. is a refilling system with a good price-performance ratio. In addition, the Liquid Dispenser is easy to use for both consumers and sales staff.


All technical components of the Liquid Dispenser are matched to each other and enable fluid operation in the truest sense of the word. Different model variants are possible for the version, from the individual to four filling stations in one unit.

Liquid Dispenser Technologie

Improves the sustainability balance of companies

The filling time can be occupied by presenting an advertising video

Individual design and branding

Intuitive user guidance via 10” touch-screen display

Service programme for service staff

Barcode scanner for product or volume recognition

Monitoring of filling volumes via weight sensors

Text message notification in case of breakdown

Sustainable Retail Solutions

umdasch -Liquid Dispenser für Waschmittel

Liquid Dispenser for washing detergent

Sustainability made easy - Re-using packaging with the Liquid Dispenser from umdasch
umdasch - Green Shelf

Green Shelf

The shopfitting professionals of umdasch created a shelving system with the best carbon footprint.
Michaela Drage
Engineering Director

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