Software Development

Intelligent background

With our self-programmed software, we offer you the precise solutions you need. Solutions range from a surface for the input of contents on the screens, to the linkage of your enterprise resource planning system with the electronic price tags. Our experienced programmers and developers develop error-free solutions that guarantee smooth day-to-day business functions.

umdasch eShelf Suite

The eShelf Suite developed by umdasch is the central interface between merchandise management system and electronic price tags. The software is maintained centrally by umdasch, where the entirety of your data is recorded. You will have no problems when it comes to individual signs exchange or with a change of supplier.

Communication Butler

With the Communication Butler, we offer you a clear, user-friendly interface for controlling the contents of your digital signage screens. The uniform layout and the possibility to prepare the precise functionalities that are necessary for the company processes, lead to an unbeatable overview. The simplicity of operation across the entire software landscape provides users with a significantly improved user experience. Using your own user interface should be a key consideration, where an especially high degree of IT/software diversity prevails in your company. The Communication Butler accesses the various structures of individual software solutions and integrates them into a consistent layout.

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