Shelving systems by umdasch

The experts of umdasch provide a maximum degree of flexibility with their shelving systems for all sector-specific requirements within the retail sector. The proven functionality ensures an excellent price-performance ratio and can be used modular.

umdasch Basixx


A basis for shopfitting systems which can be used in modular fashion and which can be used by all sectors within the retail world.
umdasch Basixx LED


The shopfitting experts of umdasch develop shopfitting systems with lighting and/ or shelf lighting.
umdasch BasixxFresh


BasixxFresh is a shopfitting system that has been perfected for fruit and vegetable presentation in the Food Retail sector.
umdasch BasixxGiant


This shopfitting system offers all advantages for optimal product presentation and warehousing at the same location – individuality included.
umdasch BasixxGreenShelf


The shopfitting professionals of umdasch created a shelving system with the best carbon footprint.
ESL.inclusive by Umdasch

ESL.inclusive by Umdasch

The specially developed electronic price labelling convinces with labels securely fixed to the shelf and a coherent design.
umdasch Fino


The Store Makers developed a variable centre-space system with Fino. The shelving elements can be combined as required.
umdasch Quadra AX

Quadra AX

The shopfitting system by umdasch is a square upright which permits free-standing use on a back wall.
umdasch ArenaAlu


The ArenaAlu back wall has recessed slotted profiles into which the shelving systems can be inserted.
umdasch Horizont


The Horizont shopfitting system permits horizontal product presentation. The back walls are variable in both width and height.
umdasch HorizontPlus


With the understated HorizontPlus shelving system the retailer direct the focus onto the background and/or the product presentation.
umdasch Carré


The square grid pattern of the back wall structure permits the horizontal and vertical insertion of shelving.
umdasch Universal


This shopfitting system can be used individually for all sectors and all types of business as well as in the warehouse or all types of shop.
Kado 15 by Vitra

Kado 15 by Visplay

The shelving system is made of square tubing and functions as a structure for cubes, shelves, tables, platforms and gondolas.
Mono 12 by Vitra

Mono 12 by Visplay

Mono 12 is also a one-point support system and can be inserted into wooden panels and glass.
Mono 20 by Vitra

Mono 20 by Visplay

The one-point support system and can be inserted into wooden panels. Mono 20 G is available for plaster.
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