Shopfitting history since 1868

The power of innovation based on tradition has reigned at umdasch for the past 155 years – executed by people who are among the best in the shopfitting sector. And so the little joinery in a small town in Austria has become an international shopfitter for inspiring retail environments:


The Store Makers

umdasch Geschichte 1868


Stefan Hopferwieser, the great-grandfather of the present owners, receives the “concession” to operate a joinery business.

umdasch Geschichte 1939


Mathilde Hopferwieser, granddaughter of the founder of the company, marries Josef Umdasch. He joins the management of the company in 1939. The company moves to the east of Amstetten and new premises are built.

umdasch Geschichte 1956


In the year of 1956 there was the specialisation in the business areas shopfitting (umdasch The Store Makers) and formwork technology (Doka).

umdasch Geschichte 1983 Akquisition der Firma Bremshey


The shopfitting section of the firm Bremshey is acquired. umdasch thus also becomes one of the leading shopfitting companies in Germany.

umdasch Geschichte 1991


The present corporate structure of the Umdasch Group is established. Under the parent company Umdasch AG the Doka Group and the Umdasch Shop-Concept Group operate as independent business areas.

umdasch Geschichte 2001


Umdasch AG acquires Assmann Ladenbau Leibnitz, the market leader for food retail in the shopfitting sector in Austria. With the core brands Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Ladenbau the Umdasch Shopfitting Group now covers all sectors in the retail field.

umdasch Geschichte 2012


Umdasch Shop-Concept becomes Umdasch Shopfitting and subsequently the core brands Umdasch Shopfitting and Assmann Ladenbau become the joint brand Umdasch Shopfitting.

umdasch Geschichte 2014


Umdasch Shopfitting seals its structural changes with four Business Units: Lifestyle Retail, Food Retail, Premium Retail and Digital Retail.


Umdasch Shopfitting acquires the technology concern MMIT in Linz and thus expands the skills of the Digital Retail Business Unit.

umdasch Geschichte 2015


Umdasch Shopfitting takes over the Czech shopfitting concern Story Design. This corporate acquisition strengthens the presence of Umdasch Shopfitting in Eastern Europe and its skills in the lifestyle sector.

umdasch Geschichte 2017


As of the end of the year Umdasch Shopfitting acquires the Croatian shopfitter ATT Furnishing. The new company member is integrated into the Premium Retail Business Unit.

umdasch Geschichte 2018


Umdasch Shopfitting becomes umdasch The Store Makers. This underscores the company's broad portfolio of services on the international market.

umdasch Geschichte 2018


At the end of 2018 umdasch takes a share in the startup Jingle. The young company developed an app to bring stationary retail into the digital era.

umdasch Geschichte 2019


umdasch acquires the digital signage expert Seen Media and strengthens its competencies in the area of content & creation. This makes umdasch one of the top 3 digital signage integrators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

umdasch Geschichte Madosan


umdasch takes a majority stake in the Turkish company Madosan. The specialist for sheet metal shutter construction and heavy-duty shelves is one of the most successful representatives of its industry and thus additionally complements the portfolio of the Store Makers.


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