The theatre of vibrant store designs


The Caribbean lifestyle, the abundant colours and the beaches are usually the first thoughts when the sunny city of Miami is mentioned. Everyone has heard of the breezy beach hotels and seafront parties but the art scene is really what inspires its visitors. From attending world famous art fairs and wandering the streets admiring the creative architecture of brightly coloured shops under the warmth of the sun, Miami has much to offer. This innovative hub has inspired a wave of change in retail, with a huge emphasis placed on the theatrical composition of the shop concept.

Bal Harbor Shops

Found in a shining enclave at the northern tip of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour shops are a must-see in Miami city for all those interested in the high end retail scene of such a vibrant city. In contrast to the more urban areas of the city, the central court opens up into a tranquil, green, tropical garden setting with fish, turtles and plants. Here, shoppers can enjoy some of the most sought-after brands in the world amongst the luxury selection of boutiques, cafés and sensual art.

Bal Harbour Shops: ©Bal Harbour Shops

A Contemporary Mall

The retail scene in Miami is booming, with more than one mall to choose from and varying architectural designs. A more contemporary mall, found in the north of Miami is a must-see. The Aventura Mall boasts a collection of contemporary art, including works by Daniel Arsham, Louise Boureois and Jorje Pardo. The contemporary style is continued throughout, with an unusual element. Appealing to the younger members or those youthful at heart, Belgian artist Carsten Höller created a massive slide tower where shoppers can blow off some steam racing each other down the parallel slides on a towering 28-meter structure.

Aventura Mall © Leo Diaz

Urban hub

Wynwood is a dynamic district located in the urban hub of Miami. Benefitting from a very high footfall on its streets, Wynwood is listed by Forbes as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world. A new retail gallery is currently in the planning stages of being built called Wynwood Park. It has miniature shops, galleries, showrooms and cafés aimed at providing a space for the creative entrepreneurs to live, work, eat and play. Also found in the district; Wynwood Walls, established in 2009 by legendary visionary Tony Goldman is an outdoor museum for international street art.


In-Sight Concept Store Venturing to Downtown Miami, retail lovers, architects and interior designers will find inspiration in the design concept of the In-Sight store, an OHLAB architecture and design concept. It oozes with luxury in an all-white concept, staging the products for sale beautifully on glass tables and into the specially fitted shelves. The walls and ceiling merge into one, generating a geometric, double circular tunnel creating an illusion of volume and shape through the store with theatrical effect.


Wynwood Neighborhood

Inspiration can be booked!

If you would like to explore Miami yourself or as part of a group, then join us from 10th to 14th November 2019 in Miami on an guided tour of Miami with our Shop Academy (tours only in German language). Registration Deadline: 20th May 2019. The tour will specifically be looking at the theatrical composition of stores, tapping into all the senses of the participants. Guided by Christian Mikunda (founder of the dramaturgy theory) and Denise Mikunda-Schulz, participants explore how they use dramaturgy to lure in, retain and inspire visitors. More information can be found here:

Christian Mikunda und Denise Mikunda-Schulz

We will visit flagship stores and concept stores, malls and urban design, explore hypnotically staged hotels and bars, and perhaps see something historical and something dangerous: pure joie de vivre refined with art. Miami's stores use artworks as art priming, as pre-staged experiences around fashion, furniture, shoes. Dior's store, created by Peter Marino, who himself lives in Miami and is regarded as the world's most important director of luxury shops, were created around the Design District. This district holds a host of inspiring architecture, art and design. Parking garages have concept stores and shrill facades turn them into spectacular works of art themselves. Urban design transforms one street into a sequence of chill oases, with water and plant designs and another street into an open-air gallery surrounding fashion shops.

Stay tuned for more insider looks on trendy places across the globe. Where shall we go next?

Aventura Mall © Leo Diaz
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