Barcelona Cruise Port Terminal
Redesign of the Cruise Port Terminals A & B is complete!


After a successful opening of several Duty Frees in various airports worldwide, umdasch is expanding its reach into more cruise ports, with the Barcelona Cruise Port Terminals A&B. Barcelona Cruise Port is one of many successful cruise ports worldwide, operating under the world´s largest Cruise Port Operator: Global Ports Holding. With 17 ports in 9 countries, from Asia to the Caribbean, Global Ports Holding have a hefty influence on cruise ports globally. Providing the manufacturing and installation services, umdasch contributed to the redesign of both Terminal A and B totalling 950 sqm of retail space. Setting the scene for the future of our travel retail sector, this redesign was a chance to bring a new identity to the terminals and to align the port with other global ports.

An international collaboration

“This was a truly international project, with five nations involved and experts on all ends” says Michael Ripfl, General Manager- Global Travel Retail at umdasch. The design expertise from no.ova design with Lead Designer Marlene Pollhammer, combined with the swift work of umdasch, meant a fast, efficient and high quality realisation. no.ova´s competencies in 3D visual renderings enabled an immersive design process, whilst the Store Makers from umdasch were able to implement a sturdy and clean concept, collaborating expertise for a joint cause. 

It was an interesting experience for us as designers, combining working with umdasch Store Makers, Michael Ripfl and the client. It was a very successful collaboration and showed how we can have a focused, creative design unit working with two global organizations” Lewis Scott no.ova design.

© umdasch

The Design Concept

In-fitting with the character of the vibrant city of Barcelona and its enjoyable energy, the design concept reflects the identity of the city. From the beautiful floor designs reminiscing the artwork of Antoni Gaudí, to the open markets resembling those found across Spain, the new concept envelops shoppers in the culture of Barcelona and entices them to explore the retail options available. The central area, called the “Plaza” sits under canopies, surrounded by large concentric circles, a shape theme running throughout the design to divide the larger area into more intimate ones. Two areas are clearly defined: the more generic duty free and local produce, including Barcelona football team souvenirs.  

© umdasch

Go with the flow

There was a linear concept in the terminals before, which was disengaging for the passengers, meaning they were not passing through the travel retail areas when disembarking. To create a more engaging concept; thus increasing turnover, the flow needed to be reconfigured on a strategic level by analysing entry and exit pathways. Travellers now pass through the travel retail space and circular lines encourage a more leisurely, irregular path around the area, creating a more positive experience for the customer. Within the market area, there are columns cladded virtual posters and visual merchandising. This is a visual attraction point, which not only created a segregation of the areas, but also enabled additional advertising. 

© umdasch

A mosaic of colours

Based on the colours and architectural design of Barcelona city, the floor tiles patterns and the pastel red, yellows and oranges on the canopies give an indirect nod to the local culture.The colourful area underneath the local market canopy and produce reflects the vibrant local identity and culture and the circulation areas are more neutral in colour and pattern to avoid the sensory overload.

© umdasch

Reason for redesign

BAM- Barcelona Actividades Maritimas; the operating retailers, realised that the current design and flow was deterring potential shoppers. Targeting the classic cruise travel tourists, the aim was to improve the average spend of the passengers and diversify the items being bought to include local products. To achieve this aim, a new concept was designed to break up the passenger flow and create a more immersive experience. The idea follows a travel retail trend that is spreading like wildfire, of enabling the traveller to continue exploring and experiencing the travel destination all the way through the terminal. 

© umdasch

We Make Successful Stores

An excellent cooperation of all participants resulted in an impressive outcome and satisfied clients. The break-up of the flow is already having a positive impact on the footfall within the terminals. This concept has the possibility to be rolled out into other port holdings. Stay tuned to see if umdasch will be rolling with the waves on further global cruise ports in the future.

© umdasch
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