Interactive Applications by umdasch

Interactive Applications

Shopfitting with experience character

The right use of price and product checkers, the viPOS (a touchwall as virtual point of sale) as an experience allows for customer interaction in retail sector. From interactive applications and the shopfitting planning software shop.up to focused sound effects – the shopfitting professionals of umdasch know how to take ordinary POS and turn it into an experience which will encourage repeat visits.


Take a tour through the specific interactive tools of umdasch Digital Retail, or get personal advice from us for your holistic Digital Customer Journey. We offer integrated processes and concepts!


The virtual point of sale connects the online world with the stationary shop. Easy to use via touch function - a haptic shopping experience.


  • Product staging and enhancing the customer experience
  • Unlimited selection of products
  • Additional product information, videos or location details
  • Act across multiple channels
  • Expansion of the customer base

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Price & Product Checker

The Price and Product Checker shows buyers the current price and provides additional information about the scanned product - a true shopping aid.


  • Always current prices and product information
  • Cross-promotion possible
  • Sales support through text, image and video
  • Stable and sustainable in the application
  • Low maintenance


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shop.up by umdasch is an interactive 3D planning program for shops that works on the basis of modern visualisation techniques.


  • 3D-shop planning for shops including light staging
  • Modern visualisation methods via augmented reality
  • Price information and ordering options
  • Declaration of the shopfitting systems by animation
  • Available as an app for IOS and across all web browsers


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Sound Shower

For all the senses: The Sound Shower by umdasch authentically conveys the acoustic side of a product and creates a suitable atmosphere.


  • Creation of an authentic, sensual ambience
  • Focus on defined products/product groups
  • No unwanted environmental noise
  • Upgrade of the products that are sounded by the shower
  • Central media control
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