Sustainable Together:
The umdasch trade fair experience at EuroShop 2023


umdasch The Store Makers presents forward-looking shopfitting ideas as well as the latest approaches and solutions for experience-oriented retail at EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March 2023 on a 675 square metre stand. Visitors will encounter phygital experiences, creative and sustainable design ideas and innovative technologies as they tour the stand, which is designed as a marketplace.



Green marketplace concept


An airy natural façade of 500 ivy plants, illuminated by delicate light sticks and an oversized U, the logo of the umdasch Store Makers, signals to visitors from a distance: this is where the EuroShop presentation of the shopfitting professionals from umdasch awaits you! The umdasch Shop Consult team took the trade fair motto Sustainable Together literally when designing this year's trade fair stand. The umdasch designers created a social marketplace to linger, meet and exchange ideas. Because it is precisely personal encounters that are remembered for a long time – a topic that is particularly close to umdasch's heart. With its 155-year company history, sustainable business is part of the DNA of umdasch The Store Makers. The social institution of marketplaces, which has been important since ancient times, is combined with fresh ideas and approaches for the retail of the future. The Store Makers rely on the combined power of the Umdasch Group for their performance show. In addition to umdasch Madosan and Store Makers Middle East, two companies from Umdasch Group Ventures, shopreme and NeoTwin, will be presenting their products for future-proof retail. The cooperation partners LEDCON, Samsung Electronics GmbH and Grassfish complement the digital portfolio.

Six competence-based market stalls

Apples and bread? Not a chance! Compared to conventional marketplaces, exciting ideas in the area of shopfitting await you at the umdasch marketplace – with each market stall offering a different umdasch competence. The natural customer journey within the exhibition stand leads visitors first to the Design & Value Engineering market stall. "Fishing for Inspiration" is taken literally at this exhibit. Visitors can fish for one of the swimming ducks and learn about a creative design project from umdasch for each duck using Put & Learn technology.

Moving on to umdasch's rollout expertise: with the help of a marble run and five impressive rollout projects, the Store Makers impressively demonstrate how they get projects of any size rolling, keep them running and handle them comprehensively and on schedule – regardless of whether it's an individual shopfitting project or an extensive international rollout.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

Who takes over the holistic project planning and its implementation? Who controls all the players and trades? That's right, the umdasch general contracting professionals! At the third market stand the Store Makers celebrate the true heroes of the construction site, the almost 100-strong general contracting team. Symbolic of the experienced and high-performing construction and project managers are two superhero figures produced by Umdasch's internal experts for 3D printing, Trivion. As part of a comic book, visitors can take a look behind the scenes of the everyday life of the GC heroes – exciting project highlights and construction site impressions included.

The high processing quality, precision and craftsmanship with which the Store Makers carry out their core business, shopfitting, is the theme of the next market stall. Visitors playfully try their way through a table with numerous fine material samples. By simply scanning the QR codes on it, umdasch shows on the mirrored screen in which premium project the material has already been used or how it can be combined with other materials. The market stall itself impresses with an elaborate corpus of wooden slats in a wave look and is thus itself an expression of the quality of craftsmanship of the shopfitting professionals.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

It is well known that umdasch creates physical spaces. But the Store Makers now also want to make use of virtual spaces, which is why another market stand on the tour shows digital technologies from Umdasch Group Ventures, the Future & Innovation Hub of Umdasch Group AG. Numerous reference projects are presented on screens with the help of 360-degree videos. The biggest highlight, however, is the virtual visit to the Metaverse, or more precisely Decentraland. For a particularly immersive experience, visitors can use the suspended VR glasses.

Several planets floating in the air let you know from afar – here you have landed in the umdasch Digiverse. At this market stall umdasch shows what possibilities the digital universe encompasses – from digital signage to electronic shelf labelling to interactive applications. By placing the planets on the interactive surface of the table, visitors can learn more about reference projects and trend topics in the field of digital retail. A life-size astronaut not only serves as an eye-catcher, but is also a perfect selfie point.

However, digital technologies are not only to be found at the market stalls, but across all areas of the stand. As soon as you enter the stand, the 20 m² LED wall by trade fair partner LEDCON above the seating steps catches the eye. A digital shop window provided by LEDCON, consisting of a large transparent screen, not only offers exciting insights into the Solution Area due to its transparency, but is also used for digital effects visible from the outside. Further digital power will be brought to the area in the form of numerous digital signage screens from trade fair partner Samsung Electronics GmbH.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

Solution Area – A journey into the future of retail

The 60-square-metre Solution Area combines numerous innovations in shop systems, smart technologies and sustainable shopfitting solutions. The latest addition to the Basixx shelving family, the Basixx Light modular shelving system, will be prominently presented several times in the Solution Area. The versatile, flexible plug-in system can be used across all sectors. Whether pet food or beauty products – Basixx Light perfectly sets the scene for all products in the Solution Area. In addition, umdasch Madosan will be presenting heavy-duty shelving solutions for storage areas and wholesalers in the optimally staged storage room. This makes the Store Makers your partner for long-lasting storage solutions, even away from the POS.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

The Solution Area at umdasch also has a lot to offer in terms of digital technologies. Already at the entrance, a heat map with the help of store analytics shows which zones are the most frequented – an indispensable tool in terms of customer flow analysis. In addition, umdasch demonstrates the numerous application possibilities of Basixx Light with the help of virtual 360-degree experiences using various look & feel examples. Based on Lift & Learn technology, the Store Makers also enable curated shopping that promotes additional purchases, while conveying valuable product information and recipes. Finding the right product? No problem with umdasch! A digital application suggests the right product for the customer based on previously selected criteria. A must in the Solution Area is of course also the electronic shelf labelling (ESL), which is part of the standard in the umdasch digital portfolio. The Store Makers also show what they can do when it comes to smart shopping: The Scan & Go payment function of shopreme facilitates the customer journey through simple payment via smartphone. In addition, the Store Makers will present the Exit Terminal vector developed by umdasch and shopreme, with the help of which customers experience a clear conclusion to their shopping tour and at the same time shrinkage is avoided.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

When designing the Solution Area, the umdasch designers also considered the central topic of sustainability. For example, the Liquid Dispenser refill station developed by umdasch is presented, which has an excellent CO2 footprint and contributes to the avoidance of packaging waste. The contemporary Solid Dispenser from partner company MIWA for loose goods in the pet food sector will also be presented in the Solution Area as a sustainable store idea for a smart circular economy. The Smart Bakery Box, the innovative bakery furniture from umdasch, enables the careful use of resources through the efficient use of equipment and energy and demand-oriented production control. The Store Makers have prepared a special, sustainable highlight for the presentation of the plant-based products: Not only the CO2 footprint of the respective foodstuffs, but also that of the Basixx Light shelf from umdasch is quantified – with this calculation, customers know exactly where they stand in terms of eco-compatibility.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

The heart of the marketplace – the Sustainability Area

At the centre of the entire stand is the Sustainability Tree, which is to grow with the help of the visitors in the course of the fair. The small panels, which represent the leaves of the tree, are each labelled with a term related to sustainability. Here umdasch relies on cooperative dialogue: All trade fair visitors are invited to share their visions for a sustainable POS with umdasch and plant an idea. Because only together can sustainable stores be realised. In the Sustainability Area, visitors can also haptically experience the texture of numerous sustainable materials and research their characteristics in the umdasch online database for sustainable materials in shopfitting. In addition, the Store Makers will present possibilities and use cases for the realisation of sustainable and successful stores, such as projects with circular design or with sustainability certifications.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

Enjoying together

Of course, the hospitality of the Store Makers at the umdasch marketplace should not be neglected: Therefore, a restaurant with 100 seats as well as a bar and cosy seating steps invite you to linger, eat and drink together. You want to experience the trade fair stand from above? The open meeting area on the first floor gallery offers visitors a panoramic view of the hustle and bustle of umdasch's marketplace.

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

Trade fair partner in detail

Detailed information on all the exhibits at the umdasch stand can also be found in the trade fair folder


Trade fair partner

umdasch Madosan – part of umdasch The Store Makers
Store Makers Middle East – a participation of umdasch The Store Makers
Umdasch Group Ventures – a division of Umdasch Group AG – with shopreme and NeoTwin
Digital Signage: LEDCON
Digital Signage: Samsung Electronics GmbH
Content Management: Grassfish


Further partners:
3D printing: Trivion
Exhibition stand production: b+s exhibition, Düsseldorf
Solid Dispenser: MIWA

umdasch at EuroShop 2023

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