Interspar Rijeka:
It's all "tutto bene" with umdasch


The new INTERSPAR hypermarket in Rijeka, Croatia, opened in March. Some 40,000 products are presented in an interesting and varied manner across a sales area of some 4,000 square metres. The adjacent café “Tutto bene” invites customers to take a break. The shopfitting was realised by umdasch.


Visitors can hardly believe their eyes: the new INTERSPAR in Rijeka, Croatia, provides the ultimate in shopping flair! Even from a distance it is instantly recognisable that here it is not just the size of the store, covering 4,000 square metres, that it impressive. The building itself convinces with a remarkable wood construction which is also echoed in the ceiling design. The consulting engineers at Raumindex were responsible for the interior architecture on behalf of ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG). They created a store design in which functional furnishings are blended with Mediterranean flair. The Store Makers from Umdasch took on the main role in the implementation of the concept. They did so by developing individual furniture as well as using tried and tested shop

A customer journey which will give pleasure

Upon entering, the visitor is greeted by an expansive fresh-foods area. The fruit and vegetables section is arranged in the style of a market place and invites customers to taste the products. Fruits from all over the world are presented in baskets, on wooden furniture or in chilled cabinets.
Then the customer journey leads the visitor towards the delicatessen section. Here, vintage chic rules. Wall cladding to a height of 1.40 metres with small, rectangular retro tiles is juxtaposed with modern shopfitting consisting of light-coloured Sanremo classic oak. On the delicatessen counter Croatian fish specialities, Mediterranean antipasti and piquant cheese varieties are appetisingly displayed. Concrete-look facings round out the presentation.

Bake-Off by umdasch

The aromas of freshly-baked goods lure the visitor into the bread section, where baguettes, bread rolls and the rest are presented on so-called crisp shelves, in bread baskets and in the popular Bake-Off unit by Umdasch, consisting of four units.

Island units serve to separate off the highlight departments. In order to mark the different areas and to make it easier for visitors to find their way, anthracite-coloured steel constructions were mounted on the ceiling. Image photos and labels further emphasise the product groups.

Wine presentation par excellence

In addition to an outstanding selection of different wines, INTERSPAR Rijeka also offers the customer a wide range of craft beer. Apart from the classic palette presentation the international beer brands are also arranged on wooden crates – with the addition of wall cladding which is also made of small, rectangular tiles. The retro mood is guaranteed.


Anthracite-grey shop equipment in the centre space presents the household goods and toys, the drinks, spirits and much more. The cosmetics section forms a contrast: the furnishings give the impression of protruding wings with white high-gloss surfaces and interesting lighting features.

Tutto bene – the café by umdasch

After shopping, the aromas of freshly baked Croatian cooked desserts, roasted coffee and fresh herbs lure visitors into “Tutto bene”, the café adjacent to the hypermarket. Here, too, the Store Makers at Umdasch were at work.
With its colourful chairs and retro lighting, the little bistro embodies southern joie-de-vivre. It is furnished with display cases in the form of white table units which offer delicious snacks. In typical Croatian style, the visitor can enjoy the Mediterranean flair while gazing out from the terrace across the town of Rijeka.


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