Local Colours in the Supermarket:
EDEKA Kunzler in Saarland


After a construction period of around one year, the EDEKA store opened in Saarwellingen in the Saarland, Germany in mid-May. In the shopping centre "Zur Breitwies", centrally located in the town centre, EDEKA Kunzler presents itself as a regional local supplier with a new design concept from umdasch on 1600 m² sales area.

Local Colour

When it comes to design, EDEKA Kunzler pays attention to regionality. The Saarland is characterised by the ambience, the old steel look of buildings and empty factories, which today often house chic lofts. The umdasch designers have taken up this industrial style with lattice and wall elements. "Diagonal and orthogonal grids are arranged alternately. They are reminiscent on the one hand of loft windows and of the brick buildings in the region on the other. The expanded metal surfaces also pay homage to the steel structures and the loft style," explains Martina Prisching of umdasch Shop Consult. Red bricks also adorn the walls of the shop. The allusion to the surroundings is augmented on the metal frames with information and photos from the region.

Sustainable & Efficient

"The new building enables us to create a customer-friendly, bright and barrier-free market with wide corridors and design elements that take up the Saarland mining tradition and the geographical proximity to France," reports market manager Julia Bauer proudly. "Thanks to a heating system operated without fossil fuels by effective heat recovery systems, it was possible to optimally implement important points with regard to energy efficiency," says Julia Bauer. This also includes a refrigeration system with natural coolants as well as particularly economical and high-quality LED lighting, which sets the emotional stage for the goods. The focus of the entire product range is on localism. Local companies deliver directly to the market, from biscuits to chocolate and schnapps. Customers can fill up on loose nuts, rice, lentils, couscous and sunflower seeds and even animal feed, for example.

From the Region 

The regional focus is also reflected in the range of goods on offer. For over 120 years, the name Kunzler has stood for the highest quality sausage products in the southwest. With its own butchery departments, EDEKA Kunzler has a unique selling proposition compared to other "Edekians". This USP can be seen in the line of sight from the entrance through the store to the service department. In addition, producers from the surrounding area deliver directly to the market: freshly roasted coffee, wines and spirits, delicatessen and sweets. The range of unpackaged goods is also ecological: customers can, for example, fill loose nuts, but also rice, lentils, couscous and sunflower seeds. Many varieties of vinegar and oil are bottled on site from the carafe. There is even a food bar for loose animal snacks.

Unique Concept 

A large number of large windows provide a special feel-good atmosphere, which open up a view of the nature-oriented outdoor facilities with a stream and a "bee meadow". A special feature of the shop is the ingenious routing. "A tangential bending axis leads the visitors directly through the shop to the butcher's - an absolute unique selling point", explains Martina Prisching from umdasch Shop Consult her idea. The view to the rear was also important, which is why low shelves were chosen in the front part of the shop. High, semitransparent lattice partitions act as signposts above and at the same time provide an overview. 

Another USP: The fruit & vegetable department is not crossed in the main flow direction, but only affected. "This creates a calm zone in the fresh produce department where customers can take their time, undisturbed," Prisching continues. After this "emotional" area, it becomes a little more rational. The dry assortment is presented on higher, linear product carriers. After the service counter with “tasteBAR”, the wine and beverage department begins. Here, regional wines are presented in rollable wine counters and with flexible Varitables. In front of the cash desks is the aforementioned area for pet food, where pet owners can put together treat bags for their four-legged furry friends.

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