Steinecker Moden Krems

Lifestyle Retail

After the great success of the store in Steyr, the concept was also implemented in a store in Krems, Lower Austria. The core theme can already be seen from the outside: in the shop windows, mannequins stand on suggested old town balconies and attract visitors to the fashion shop. When entering, the homely atmosphere immediately comes over you - literally, not proverbially. The high walls are associated with an old building, with jeans are arranged in a wall shelf which resembles a bookcase with a ladder in an in-house library. A free-standing bathtub serves as a goods carrier, also for jeans, which are casually staged in it. Reverse suspended bicycles complete the hip city look in the Young Fashion department and quote one of the city's trademarks, the "Steyr bike".


Steinecker Moden Krems
Krems, Austria
Concept, Design, Planning, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Design Engineering
1970 m2
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