Harrods Men's International

Premium Retail

After a successful opening of the Roastery & Bake Hall and Fine Wines & Spirits Room, which was part of the biggest redesign of the historic Food Halls in the last 30 years, umdasch was commissioned to work in collaboration with David Collins Studio to revamp the Men´s International Designer Room 1 of the Menswear section in the store.

With one hundred square meters on the main central carpet, twelve specialist clothes rails, a circular central counter and fitting room, surrounded by concessions and a flowing walkway around the shop floor, this task was a mammoth one. The design concept centralised around the traditional feel of the well-known Harrods iconic look, making the most of the historic architecture whilst intertwining modern accents of monochromatic and geometric patterns. The magnificent chandelier echoes the intricate designs of the ceilings you´ll find throughout the Knightsbridge store. Further layering of materials are in the finishing of the central forum, with walnut, bubble glass, nickel and lined with navy suede.Circular vitrines and gondolas are mid-century in reference and are design as open as possible to create a sense of lightness. These colours feel luxurious, classic and homely and contrast beautifully the monochromatic checker-board walkways in grey and white marble. In the walkways, black Nero Marquina marble frames the entryways to each brand boutique. Interior window displays made from walnut wood line the walkways and mannequins stand in the windows on stern dark marble plinths surrounded by specially designed task lighting, all implemented by umdasch.

Harrods Men's International
Designer Room 1, Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom
Manufacture, Installation
100 m2
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