Premium Retail

Ready Couture

This beautiful venue in the beating heart of Dubai provides customers with something truly unique and special, paying homage to the individuality and elegance of the Arab woman. It is celebrated as the world’s first ready-couture store and the permanent home for the Arab Fashion Council. The store concept is sleek and elegant with an ink-leak effect, marble-look flooring and clever room separators. Long white poles clearly mark out areas, whilst the lighting mood and floor patterns extend across the space enhanced by the semi-transparent effect.


 “It’s one-of-a-kind fashion incubator that showcases a ready-couture offering that cannot be found anywhere else in Dubai – in fact anywhere else in the world.” Patrick Fallmann, Managing Director, umdasch The Store Makers, Middle East.

City Walk II, United Arab Emirates
Design, Planning, Manufacture, Installation
1000 m2
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