Helsinki Duty Free

Premium Retail

The newly opened Duty-Free in an area of 330 square metres is a great example of the new trends we are seeing in Travel Retail, as airports strive to stand out from the crowd and offer travellers innovative and varied shopping experiences. Helsinki Duty Free was realised in March 2019, changing both the atmosphere of the store and the layout to encourage a better flow of travellers passing through. It now houses the new Non-Schengen Dufry Plaza Store which was the first store to be installed in Europe.

Helsinki airport wanted to ensure that the shoppers could continue their adventure and travel experience right up until they got on the plane home. You´ll see pinewood throughout, resembling the traditional wooden cabin style houses of Finland, contrasted with the clean lines more commonly seen in modern contemporary designs. Using a mixture of tones in the wood, a varied colour is created, as opposed to the usual black and white colour pallet more commonly seen in airports.

Helsinki Duty Free
Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland
Concept, Design, Planning, Value Engineering, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Lighting
330 m2
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