REWE Michelstadt

Food Retail

umdasch has set up the shelves for the dry goods assortment, the wine, bread and cosmetics departments for the Rewe Center in Michelstadt, Hesse. The result is a spacious food market that offers a pleasant flair for shopping. Fresh delis are well structured and clearly arranged. Little houses with squared lumber allure the weekly market charm of a market place. A spice rack manufactured by umdasch, with its wide, oak wood drawers creates an almost homely ambience. Also by umdasch, there´s the `Bake-Off´ shelf with coffee to go furniture. The Store Makers have created highlights to provide orientation through a clever structure and have offered visitors enough space to discover the variety of products.

REWE Michelstadt
Michelstadt, Germany
Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment
4012 m2
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