Dänisches Bettenlager

Digital Retail

Clear to see!

At the beginning of 2018 the bed company Dänisches Bettenlager launched prototype tests at two locations: in Flensburg (Germany) and Serravalle (Italy). And relied on the service expertise of umdasch Digital Retail in the process. In order to enable the company to respond faster to changes in market conditions, opening times or assortments, the Store Makers installed some 3,000 ESL tags as well as two price checkers in the branch in Serravalle and provided service and support. “umdasch Digital Retail not only guaranteed smooth implementation of the ESL tags and the price checker, a digital shopping assistant that gives customers the latest price and other details, but was above all responsible for all the project management. Pride of place went to service, maintenance and support,” recalls Franz Kendler, umdasch Digital Retail project manager.

Dänisches Bettenlager
Serravalle Scrivia, Italy
Electronic Shelf Labeling, Interactive Applications, Software Development, Concept & Creation, Rollout, Maintenance & Support
865 m2
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