Al Zain Jewellery

Premium Retail

Al Zain Jewellery’s store in Bahrain City Centre Mall exudes class with rich brown and red colours and sleek, top quality materials. A circular, glass display counter sits elegantly in the middle of the room on a red velvet carpet. The store was remodelled by umdasch, to incorporate a contemporary design concept resembling the sophistication of the brand and beautiful jewellery it creates. Marble flooring spans the length of the store and cover the sides of the central furniture. Both the colours and textures in this store flow consistently throughout the interior design. The juxtaposition between the square elements of the room and the spherical shapes reflected on the floor and ceiling is inspiring. Showing expert craftsmanship, umdasch designed, manufactured and installed various cabinetry, from the circular central display counters to the classic wood and glass boxes, to the in-built cabinets with windows running along the sides of the store. The new concept is both refined and contemporary.

Al Zain Jewellery
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Design, Manufacture
72 m2
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