Food Retail

REWE 2020 by umdasch

REWE 2020 – This major food retailer is counting on a new concept and at the same time on a new appearance. After the implementation of 30 test markets in 2017, umdasch The Store Makers has been chosen as the retailer's partner for concept and realisation of the new design. During the first quarter of 2018 the Store Makers completed several dozen REWE markets with the new sales concept and its focus on freshness – a rollout par excellence. The main emphasis lies on increasing the length of stay with the help of accents underlining freshness in the style of a marketplace, as well as clearly marked zoning. Both can be seen in REWE in Meckesheim. The various different store areas are separated from each other visually by means of graphics. Posters and new signs in the REWE corporate design provide the customer with easy orientation. A marketplace that can be experienced with all the senses was created across the 2,500 square-metre sales area.

Meckesheim, Germany
Design, Manufacture, Installation, Rollout, Shop Equipment
2500 m2
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