Bellaflora Laniato Wollcafé

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Laniato - The Wool Café

From shop design to shopfitting to the use of Digital Signage – the Wool Café Laniato in Vienna took advantage of the entire service portfolio of umdasch and had twelve branches planned and realised by the Store Makers at the same time. A cosy shop in which the customers can relax has been created on a floor area of 35 square metres each. The centre of the space is occupied by a large wooden table which invites visitors to sit down and knit together. The back wall displays various presentation displays for wool, knitting accessories and completed articles which will provide knitting enthusiasts with inspiration for their own ideas. The Digital Signage screen integrated into the furniture is the ideal platform for the latest product information and also links the bricksand-mortar offers to the extensive online shop.

Bellaflora Laniato Wollcafé
Amstetten, Austria
Concept, Design, Planning, Value Engineering, Manufacture, Installation, Rollout, Shop Equipment, Digital Signage
35 m2
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