EDEKA Schreiber

Food Retail

Emotion meets rationality

The Schreiber branch in Buchholz, Germany, is a very special Edeka outlet. Here, across a full 2,000 square metres functionality meets emotional customer journeys. The unique concept bears all the hallmarks of an umdasch design. On their paths through the supermarket, shoppers discover individual phases, such as the fruit & veg section with the feel of a marketplace or the fresh foods counter, where a variety of materials have been deployed to great effect. The liquor section is another highlight: A ceiling ring with integrated lighting directs the eye to the products presented here.

EDEKA Schreiber
Buchholz, Germany
Concept, Design, Planning, Installation, Shop Equipment
2000 m2

"We were able to implement the specifications of the customer Edeka Schreiber well. For Schreiber's customers, an exceptionally attractive shopping ambience has been created. The positive feedback from the owners confirms our work."

Martina Prisching
Shop Consultant, umdasch Leibnitz
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