Sport Bründl

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An eldorado for sports fans

In addition to Fügen and Kaprun, umdasch has also staged a unique shopping experience for Intersport Bründl in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Salzburg. 1,200 m² were redesigned within a total area extending over some 2,500 m². In these times of online shopping owner Christoph Bründl even went a step further and enlarged the sales area. Across three floors, an interior in line with the times was developed by umdasch after a shop concept by blocher partners, creating a wealth of shopping highlights and an Eldorado for sports fans. There is a bar and lounge for a cosy stay, a cold chamber, a shoe test course, a hut as a campaign setting and a slide that leads from one floor to another.

Sport Bründl
Wals, Austria
Installation, Shop Equipment
1800 m2

To date Christoph Bründl has opened more than two dozen stores throughout Austria with almost 500 employees and a total area of 19,000 m². However, the sports retailer excludes one option: he will not be adding an online shop. He remains loyal to the Bründl recipe of “experience shopping”.


"I don't want to be a small fish in the shark pool of European online retailers. I would rather be the crocodile in the mountains - and the only one there."

Christoph Bründl
Owner, Sport Bründl
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