Modehaus Mittermayr

Lifestyle Retail

The new feel-good fashion store Mittermayr in the Braunauer City Center offers 600 square meters of feel-good atmosphere, a unique shopping experience as well as tailored advice and quality customer service. umdasch The Store Makers provided the concept, design and shop fitting services.


The existing fashion stores and Mittermayr's Feel-Good shops are furnished with natural materials such as wood and natural stone. This design is also recognisable in the new 600 square metre Braunau store, but umdasch has altered the concept and breathed more modernity into it. The use of metal and smooth surfaces create a more urban and trendy look. Simple shapes and lines reflect the architecture. Concealed, large changing cubicles, various seating options and spacious surfaces provide pleasant comfort. The cafeteria in the middle of the shop invites you to have coffee or drink while shopping. Therefore, what can certainly be guaranteed, is feel-good shopping on a new level. In addition to the new shell however, the main focus is the feeling of well-being.

Modehaus Mittermayr
Braunau, Austria
Concept, Design, Planning, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Lighting
600 m2
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