Food Retail

For the Store Makers from umdasch, an Omni-channel experience doesn't just mean setting up a few screens. It means to perform digital customer-oriented system integration where necessary. LET'S DOIT Wels is an example of this. Expanded sales counters with virtual shelves multiply the range to 20,000 products. Digital signage screens not only play videos in a permanent loop but are also actively used by staff in day-to-day business for advice via tablets. In addition, every channel is actually served. In other words, the advantages of stationary trade are tools that can not only be attacked but also tried out. Products that can not only be visually compared but whose 3D-printed models can be physically captured and placed on the comparison zone, can transfer in-depth information to the screen. This makes it easy to compare all products - up to four at a time.

Wels, Austria
Concept, Design, Planning, Value Engineering, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Digital Signage, Interactive Applications, Rollout, Maintenance & Support
530 m2
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