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150 Years Umdasch

Clear the stage for exclusive shopfitting

12.04.2018  | Umdasch Shopfitting

In March Kastner & Öhler, Austria’s leading fashion store, opened no fewer than five stores within the country. Umdasch Shopfitting was the partner for the implementation of the branches in Bärnbach, Graz and Leoben. The Stuttgart architecture and design office blocher partners was the leading firm responsible for the branch concept. The new setting in the shopping centre in Leoben in particular is a notable addition to the Austrian retail scene.

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Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2018

10.04.2018  | Doka

23.03.2018 | Festive award ceremony for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize

Amstetten/Vienna, 23 March 2018 – Members of the international start-up scene assembled yesterday, on Thursday evening, in the Weltmuseum Wien in Vienna in order to celebrate this year’s winners of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. Dr. Andreas Ludwig, Spokesman of the Executive Board of Umdasch and entrepreneur Ali Mahlodji guided the audience through the award show.

Dr. Andreas Ludwig commented on the Research Prize: “We awarded this prize for the first time in 1991. The original focus lay on the promotion of wood research and forestry. Over the years, however, technological growth has been so rapid that it has prompted us to give the Josef Umdasch Research Prize, like so many other things, a new emphasis.”

Until recently the prize was directed towards students. In October 2017, however, the ‘Call for Entries’ was addressed to international start-ups. “We therefore entered into a cooperation with a strong partner. With World Summit Awards, or WSA for short, we can reach precisely this target group in order to position our research prize on the international scene”, observed Andreas Ludwig.
The exercise was successful: 135 applications from Nepal, China, Sudan, the United States and elsewhere replied to the invitation.

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Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2018

26.03.2018  | Umdasch Group

Festive award ceremony for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize

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Business units

The Umdasch Group is an umbrella organisation with three companies.

The Doka Group develops and produces formwork solutions for cast-in-place concrete construction. The portfolio covers everything from the world's most complex construction projects to classic single-family housing builds. It is a field that calls for specific engineering expertise just as much as innovative technology and decades of experience. 92 % of Group business is non-domestic, so the focus is sharply international.

Doka Ventures deals with new technologies in construction. The company engages actively in models for optimization of the construction process in its entirety. By participating in or initiating research and development projects, through supporting technology start-ups and by acquiring companies that specialise in pioneering methods.

The Umdasch Shopfitting Group is a specialist in the field from which it takes its name. Consulting and project management make the company an important partner for trade and commerce – particularly whenever the need arises for innovative concepts combining classic business and digital trade.


The Umdasch Group is the holding for the three operational businesses Doka Group, Doka Ventures and Umdasch Shopfitting Group. A lean and powerful organisation is crucial for market competitiveness. The philosophy: Encourage businessmen and businesswomen in the business. That means: short reporting channels, shallow hierarchies, maximised decision-taking competence – and therefore responsibility – for the individual specialist sections.

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Corporate responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has become the established norm in recent years, and sustainability and social responsibility in the Umdasch Group are a matter of course: without sustainability there can be no enterprise. Strong internationalisation and the associated activities in regions and countries with many different cultures gave us grounds to develop a code for a common understanding of the ethics of trading and co-operation.

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The Umdasch Group is one of the most tradition-rich family-owned companies in Austria. Its roots extend all the way back to 1868. Nowadays full use is made of metal and innovative composites, but wood is the material that shaped the character of the company.

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Umdasch Foundation

It is our conviction that the world would be a better place if everyone had equal educational opportunities. A well-founded, broad-based education followed up by specialisation in a field that suits the individual's interests and talents lie within our responsibility for society and are the key to our future competitiveness as a company.

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Umdasch Group AG

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Current job offers and speculative applications

Information and contact data on career opportunities at the Umdasch Group can be found on the websites of the respective divisions

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Career at Umdasch Shopfitting

Whistleblower system

Do your part to ensure awareness for responsibility in your business milieu and if occasion arises, make use of our anonymous whistleblower system.

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