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Mit mehr als 7000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern ist die Umdasch Group mit der Doka Group und der Umdasch Shopfitting Group seit Jahrzehnten ein starker, global aktiver und gesunder Konzern mit klaren Werten, mit Tradition und Innovationskraft und mit Leuten, die zu den Besten der Branche gehören.

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Above the rooftops of Manhattan – Doka forms the world's tallest residential building

2017-08-01 | Doka

The world's tallest residential building, the Central Park Tower will top out at 472 metres. It is currently under construction in New York City. The method of construction is special and Doka's automatic climbing platforms are the ideal solution, both fast and safe. The building is due for completion in 2020.

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Umdasch Group grows again in 2016

2017-06-29 | Umdasch Group

The Amstetten-based, 100% family-owned Umdasch Group grew its business last year for the sixth time in succession. The increases are partly due to healthy market developments, but they are also the result of a growth strategy oriented toward acquisitions and stakes in other companies. Revenues of EUR 1.28 billion put Group growth at +5.1 % over the previous year. Earnings before taxes were EUR 92 million, up 26 % from EUR 73 million in 2015. The equity ratio went up as well, reaching a historic high of 58.6 %. Cash flow from operating activities is a key performance indicator for production-intensive businesses. It was improved by more than 50 % to EUR 101 million (2015: EUR 64 million) – testimony to excellent working-capital management. The number of employees increased by more than 300 to a total of 7,641. These increases were both domestic and international.

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Health Store of the Year by Umdasch

2017-05-30 | Umdasch Shopfitting

Umdasch's Store Makers create exciting shopping worlds and store concepts with competent planning and experience. And that with self-developed, innovative shop elements, such as the Varitable. Convince yourself: in eight out of ten categories, health stores designed by Umdasch were nominated as health stores of the year.

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