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Why giving presents makes us happy – in retail you can be doubly sure of that!

umdasch supports you with the best Covid-19 solutions by far for happy shopping experiences.


People who willingly give pleasure to others also feel happier themselves.

Choosing presents for their loved ones makes people particularly happy. They go out in search of them, hunting down the latest trend products that are waiting to be discovered. When the children’s eyes light up under the Christmas tree, parents and grandparents are even more delighted.


In 2020, too, Christmas shopping should be an especially pleasurable experience. Don’t just stand out by virtue of the skill with which your products have been selected, your unique shopping atmosphere, attractive decorations and special campaigns. You can also give your customers a particular feeling of safety.

Customer flow management

Customer frequency in the shopping streets and stores will increase during the weeks before Christmas. Get ready in advance and keep an eye on the number of customers on the sales floor at all times. With the customer-flow management solutions from umdasch it is easy to regulate the number of visitors in the store; in between you can use the screens for targeted advertising messages directly by the entrance.


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Hygiene Station

Summer clothes have been put away for the winter; coats and scarves have taken their place in the wardrobe. The cold season is approaching fast. The first colds and coughs are appearing on the scene. Protect your customers and staff with the umdasch Hygiene Station: the sensor-based disinfectant dispenser offers contact-free operation and provides a simple preventative measure.


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UV-C Fitting Room

The design of some Christmas pullovers may be questionable, but they should at least fit properly. Your customers need not be reluctant to try on clothes: the umdasch UV-C Fitting Room permits rapid and safe disinfection of all items of clothing and surfaces in the changing cabin. With UV-C LED spotlights certified by TÜV, 99.9 % of the bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) will be reliably removed. Cabin design and the upgrading of existing cabins can be carried out according to your wishes. Incidentally: the technology can also be used in compact form for other areas such as accessories as well as for utensils in the service area.


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Virtual 360°-Tour "Iconic British luxury Brand", Moscow (RU)


Browse through our showcases and find inspiration from the spectacular photos and interactive 360° tours!




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