Digital Retail

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Hartlauer makes the products in its range of mobile phones and photo equipment “tangible”– literally. With the Lift & Learn System the content on the Digital Signage screens changes as soon as the visitor to the store removes an item from its holder. If he or she removes another product from its mounting, the two products will be compared and contrasted on the screen. Customers are given all the useful information at a glance while they succumb to the haptic experience of holding the object of their choosing in their hands. This interconnection of analogue and digital products is continued consistently throughout the entire store concept: all the prices are shown on the electronic
price tags, the so-called Electronic Shelf Labels.


"Thanks to our cooperation with the Store Makers, Hartlauer has succeeded in creating a showcase branch which demonstrates the new ways and possibilities which are available in the retail sector today, especially with regard to the use of digital and analogue elements.  - Robert F. Hartlauer, Managing Director of Hartlauer

Villach, Austria
Design, Planning, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labeling, Software Development, Concept & Creation, Rollout, Maintenance & Support
486 m2
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