Digital Retail

Hartlauer Villach

A perfect interplay of Shop Consult, Shopfitting and Digital Retail: This store offers customers a whole range of additional services for an optimal experience, including the Lift & Learn system by umdasch, which immediately provides product information. By removing a product from its holder, the store visitor can read further information on the screen. All prices are displayed on electronic price labels named “Electronic Shelf Labels” (ESL). In the in-house photo studio, customers can have passport photos taken or rent the room for private photoshoot sessions. It even offers the use of high-quality products and professional advice from Hartlauer. With these Store Maker solutions, the branch in Villach is turning into a flagship store and a best-practice example for the networking of digital and analogue elements.


"Thanks to the Store Makers, Hartlauer has succeeded in establishing a flagship store that opens up new avenues and possibilities in retail - especially with regard to the interplay of digital and analogue elements.  - Robert F. Hartlauer, Managing Director of Hartlauer

Villach, Austria
Design, Planning, Manufacture, Installation, Shop Equipment, Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labeling, Software Development, Concept & Creation, Rollout, Maintenance & Support
486 m2
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