JYSK (Dänisches Bettenlager)

Digital Retail

International ESL Rollout

Umdasch is supporting the network of branches of DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER in their changeover to electronic and centrally controlled price labels. Some 3,000 ESL labels of various sizes are in use in each branch. There are also up
to four price checkers: little tablets with a scanner function for more information about selected product ranges.

The digital price labels are mounted directly on the shelves and permit the automatic labelling of the products with price and information at the push of a button.


The labels communicate via radio with the retailer’s ERP system. Thanks to ESL it can be guaranteed that the prices are correct throughout. Now it is possible to react quickly to price changes and additional information can be supplied at any time – also across multiple branches. In addition, DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER saves approx. 1.5 days’ working time in each store every week. It is time which can now be spent giving advice to customers.

JYSK (Dänisches Bettenlager)
Serravalle Scrivia, Italy
Electronic Shelf Labeling, Interactive Applications, Software Development, Concept & Creation, Rollout, Maintenance & Support
865 m2
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