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Retail Studies

Strengthen your retail knowledge!

With the umdasch Shop Academy you can now go back to university and improve your knowledge of the retail scene. Since September 2017 umdasch has accompanied the new specialist study course “Retail Design & Brand Experience Management” on the campus of the Austrian Marketing University of Applies Sciences (FH Wieselburg). The new specialist course focuses on the interlinking of bricks-and-mortar retailing and e-commerce. In line with the umdasch motto: “Love digital. Love analogue”, students will gain in-depth knowledge about both worlds and will learn the basis for successful retail concepts. Experts of umdasch and external trendsetters from the fast-moving consumer goods scene will present the students with content on the topics of shop design, shop planning, e-commerce and shopper marketing.

“umdasch The Store Makers regards it as an accolade to be able to raise its training activities, previously assembled within the umdasch Shop Academy, onto the academic level of the Austrian Marketing University of Applied Sciences (FH Wieselburg). Retail is and will remain one of the key employers in Europe. It will be of benefit to all of us to be able to accompany the executives of tomorrow at the start of their careers.”

Silvio Kirchmair
CEO, umdasch The Store Makers
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