LG Electronics

LG Electronics Germany GmbH

The Korean technology group LG Electronics has been active on the German market since 1976. The company, which is based in Eschborn near Frankfurt, has continuously expanded its activities since then and is currently active in the following business areas: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Information System Products, Home Appliances, Air Solutions, Solar and Vehicle Components. In recent years, the innovation driver has received numerous prizes and awards for its trend-setting products. Important innovations such as flexible displays or curved batteries are the result of cooperation between specialized companies within the LG Group.

LG Electronics Information Display

LG Electronics Information Display (ID) has been producing digital signage solutions that set standards since 2009. Through innovations such as the 'Even Bezel' video wall with a wafer-thin frame (0.44 mm), LG ID directs all eyes to important information and messages. The consistently brilliant and stable viewing angle of the groundbreaking IPS displays brings pictures and videos to life with impressive realism. The constant brightness performance of the displays ensures best visibility even in direct sunlight. The flexible signage solutions can be perfectly adapted to individual needs - from large-screen displays to tailor-made UHD hotel TV systems for more luxury in the hotel industry. With milestones such as the transparent LED color foil, LG Electronics Information Display is an innovator that drives technical development forward and offers its customers the best service as well as continuously completely new creative possibilities.


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