umdasch UV-C Fitting Room

UV-C Fitting Room

Bring back consumer confidence in your store! 

People go into shops to feel and experience products with all their senses. However, the joy of lingering and shopping at the point of sale has been drastically curtailed by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. With the umdasch UV-C Fitting Room, you can enable your customers to try and test your products without worries, especially in times of the highest hygiene and safety requirements. Create additional confidence in your products and your store!

Maximum safety and flexibility

The umdasch UV-C Fitting Room allows a quick, safe and sustainable disinfection of all clothing and surfaces in the changing room. With the UV-C light used, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) are reliably removed.


Bespoke design is possible on request, as well as the adaptation of your existing changing rooms to the UV-C solution.

Besides, the UV-C solution used by umdasch can be used in different areas of application - even beyond the pure cabin solution. For example, there is the possibility of disinfection boxes, which can be used for bags, accessories or jewelry.

umdasch UV-C Fitting Room

Clear rules

The shop employee starts the sterilization process by double locking the door lock and red light will come on, indicating that the fitting room is not ready to use. As soon as the colour changes to green, disinfection is complete and the fitting room can be entered again.


In case the door is locked from the outside and someone is still in the changing room, a motion sensor and a manual emergency shutdown is integrated, which stops the UV-C radiation for safety reasons.

umdasch UV-C Fitting Room

Fast and safe disinfecting of clothes and the whole fitting room (99.9% of all bacteria and viruses - incl. Covid-19)

A sustainable way of disinfection: No chemicals are used, no resources are wasted

Easy handling by the shop staff

Ensuring an absolute clean changing room experience

Creating a new way of consumer confidence

Slick and space efficient cubicle design

Bespoke designs possible on enquiry

Retrofitting options for the umdasch UV-C solution to existing fitting rooms

Implementation of other use cases possible (eg. a disinfection box for handbags, accessories, jewellery)


umdasch UV-C Fitting Room

UV-C Fitting brochure

Disinfect clothes, bags, accessories or even jewelry quickly and easily with the UV-C Fitting Room solution.
Patrick Fallmann
General Manager & Sales Director UAE & KSA

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