umdasch Hygiene Stationen Übersicht

Hygiene Station

Maximum virus protection for customers and staff

The Hygiene Station combines all obligatory measures for shops: disinfectant, cloth and mask dispensers. Retailers can choose from four models – from the Light version to the Hygiene Station Pro with optional integrated technology (digital signage and access control). This enables shops and brands of all sizes and budgets the hygiene-management of their space. However, the Hygiene Station was not designed exclusively for use in retail: its use in schools, railway stations, restaurants and all other public places as well as in offices and any commercial enterprise is conceivable and sensible.

Hygiene Station Pro

The sensor-based disinfectant dispenser is used for contactless portioning of disinfectant for disinfecting hands. An integrated cloth dispenser allows the disinfection of shopping trolleys and baskets. The generous dispensing opening ensures clean waste management. An optional protective mask dispenser allows customers to remove protective masks independently and hygienically.



  • Independent handling by customers possible
  • Reduction of dangerous contact zones
  • Easy loading from the front
  • Individual branding possible
umdasch Hygiene Station Pro

Hygiene Station Multi

With the simple plug-in system, you can adapt the Hygiene Station yourself and find your individual solution at a reasonable price. The two basic sets of this variant can be individually supplemented with disinfectant dispenser, crowner, cloth dispenser, storage boxes for protective masks, holding boxes for cloths or protective masks and paper roll holder.

umdasch Hygiene Station Mutli

Hygiene Station Medium

The umdasch Hygiene Station Medium offers your customers and employees the possibility of disinfection in the form of a compact piece of furniture. The Medium variant consists of the corpus, a sensor-based disinfectant dispenser, two cloth dispensers, a waste bin as well as a Crowner (clip-on display).

umdasch Hygiene Station Medium

Hygiene Station Light

The umdasch Hygiene Station Light offers an economical, manual version with all necessary utensils for disinfecting hands and/or shopping trolleys. The components of the Hygiene Station Light are the body, a stand for disinfectant, a paper roll holder, a crowner and a waste bin.

umdasch Hygiene Station Light

Hygiene Station as All-in-One solution

Digital elements can also be easily integrated into the Hygiene Station.

On the one hand, the Crowner can be replaced with a digital display in the upper area of the Hygiene Station. This gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about rules of conduct or important information.


On the other hand, the Hygiene Station can also be linked to a customer count for admission management. In order to comply with given regulations, the actual number of your customers in the store can always be observed by means of built-in cameras and a counting function. The maximum number of customers can be set by the user via a simple user interface. A specially configured traffic light system automatically regulates the flow of customers without the need for personnel.

Our solutions

umdasch Hygiene Station

Hygiene Station

More information about the different versions, dimensions and specifications can be found in the enclosed folder.
umdasch Staff Protection Shield

Staff Protection Shield

We would like to help protect your employees from a potential infection by droplet transmission. Our acrylic glass signs are available in prefabricated sizes or individually according to your needs.

We will gladly help you!

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