umdasch Bake Off

Bake Off 

Modular sales systems for small baked goods

In line with the motto “individual design with system” the Store Makers of umdasch develop both standard and customerspecific solutions for the product group “Bread and baked goods” in a modular principle – including maximum sales success! Flexible fields of applications, simple handling and optimal costeffectiveness characterise the different Bake Off solutions by umdasch.


NEW! Bake Off Hot

Recently, various versions of the heated system Bake Off Hot have been added to the product group. The warm pastry appeals to all the senses of your customers and gives them the feeling of standing in a bakery around the corner. Benefit from additional sales and enhance your systems. You can easily upgrade your existing umdasch Bake Off to the heated version.


Maximum transparency and optimal product presentation

The small baked goods system can be extended in modular fashion. Each module provides four presentation levels in three product compartments. These are complemented by the individual service unit in the lower section of the display case. The finished Bakeshop consists of a combination of any number of Bake Offs. A steel frame with four different angles of inclination and adjustable heights on each level provides optimal presentation possibilities and easy reloading. A Bake Off unit consists of four presentation levels plus service unit. Single-pane safety glass unit fronts glasses ensures maximum visibility of the product and the damped automatic mechanism ensures the flaps close slowly. The individual
wood decor and metal colours enable the your Bake Off system to be individually adapted to the corporate design of your company.

Bake Off Innovation umdasch

Easy filling

Whether as a shelf at the wall or integrated into the Bakery section: umdasch has the right solution for all situations. Different versions for the filling from the front or back are available.


With the front-loading system the refilling takes place in the lower area through pull-out drawers which are specially suitably for fast-turnover goods. The shelves are refilled by opening the glass flaps; this is made easier by fixing the glass flaps in the top position.


Large openings of the back loader allow quick filling and easy maintenance, directly from your baking service area.

umdasch Bake Off Befüllung

Bake Off Hot Tray

Bake Off hot tray is the extension of the umdasch Bake Off product family by the "heated bread shelf". Heating is carried out by the innovative, new solution of a directly heated product presentation tray for the baked-goods shelf. The system consists of a heated tray and a support plate. The contact between the tray and the support plate is carried out magnetically. The integrated heating film possesses a marked PTC behaviour (Positive temperature coefficient) at 60 °C.

umdasch Bake Off Hot Tray

Advantages Bake Off Hot Tray

  • Flexible use of heated goods presentation trays as required even within a single level
  • Permits targeted heat transmission and thus reduces significantly the drying-out of fine baked goods in contrast to technologies such as circulating air and infrared heat
  • Upgrading of existing umdasch Bake Off baked-goods shelves is possible
  • Plug and play; no maintenance required
  • Silent compared with other heating systems
  • Regulated temperature behaviour
  • Permits easy cleaning through the direct removal of the tray; dishwasher-safe
Bake Off Hot Tray

Bake Off Hot Plate

The heating is provided by a built-in, fully controllable heating plate for individually controllable temperatures per level. Bake Off Hot Plate is also suitable for the upgrade of your existing umdasch Bake Off System.



  • Permits targeted transmission of warmth and thus significantly reduces the drying out of fine baked goods, unlike technologies such as circulating air and infrared heat
  • Upgrading of existing umdasch Bake Off baked-goods shelves is possible
  • Plug and play; no maintenance required
  • Silent compared with other heating systems
  • Individual temperature control on each level


For more information click here.

umdasch Bake Off Hot Plate
& Figures

Cushioned automatic closing of the product removal flaps

Modular construction through standardised shelf components

Four presentation levels per Bake Off module

Integrated price rails

LED-based lighting

Individual wood trim and metal colours

Stable ram protection

Ingenious service area (tongs for removal of goods, glove dispenser, shelf for paper bags, waste bin and many more)

Bake Off Broschüre

Bake Off Brochure

In the brochure you will find all Bake Off variants incl. detailed information as well as dimensions for the individual modular units.
Michaela Drage
Engineering Director

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