Mobile Self-Checkout

A great opportunity for retailers and consumers


Shopping habits have changed considerably in the last few years – a trend accelerated by recent events: : e-commerce experienced incredible growth in 2020. Online retail offers consumers incomparable convenience. They can obtain information when and where they need it, receive personalised offers and tips about what to buy – and all that without ever having to wait in a queue. umdasch can now bring all the benefits of the online world to real-world stores.


One of the solutions for achieving this is mobile Self-Checkout App Scan & Go, developed by umdasch's partner company, shopreme. Customers scan the item using their smartphone, pay directly in the app using one of many payment options, and leave the store with a legally valid purchase receipt.


One thing is certain: the desire amongst consumers for mobile self-checkout solutions is growing and it is now up to retailers to respond. Many well-known retail customers such as Billa, Möbelix and Douglas are supporting this new trend. Now you, too, can shape the shopping experience of tomorrow, together with umdasch shopreme.


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On the one hand, the retailer saves space in the checkout area, which can be used for emotive product presentations and brand experience spaces. On the other hand, staff have more time for customer service. As a result, the shopping cart size increases by 10% on average, as a result of features such as personal recommendations – whilst customers experience a secure, convenient checkout up to two-thirds faster than normal. More and more retailers are looking to offer consumers a targeted shopping experience. shopreme is supporting this trend with its Shared-Shopping-List and extended, multi-media product information systems.




Florian Burgstaller
CEO Shopreme

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