Retail Gastronomy

Spaces for pleasure and enjoyment are sensuous, personal, authentic and diverse.


The staging of retail spaces connects people with brands. It makes them accessible, tangible and perceptible.


It creates a place for personal encounters with lasting impressions.


Retail and gastronomy are evolving together, creating new gastronomy concepts. Consumers can shop and enjoy, whilst being seduced with all their senses and having their needs for proximity, familiarity, quality met, as well as convenience and service.


As a holistic shopfitter and specialist for the international food trade, umdasch has built up expertise in the design of spaces for pleasure and enjoyment over many years. Our motto is 'From supplier to seducer', with the customer as guest. The challenge is to find a tailor-made solution for every type of trade.

From supplier to seducer!

Creating spaces for enjoyment takes many years of experience and a flair for the market.


1. Appealing: An authentic store that appeals to consumers and attracts them to the store.

2. Feel-good factor: Consumers stay longer and want to come back.

3. Easy orientation: With a clear overview, shopping is easy and provides inspiration.

4. Informative: Analogue and digital product information helps consumers choose what to buy.

5. Stimulating: Focal points, value added presentations and product staging make the consumer want to see the product.

6. Enticing: Squares, alleys, cafes, bars and bistros combine shopping and enjoyment.

7. Building trust: Creating a personal bond through relationship building, proximity and service.




Natascha Werkl
Shop Consultant

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