Retail Journey & Customer Experience


Customers still value the on-site shopping experience and want to see, smell and experience fresh food. In combination with speed, flexibility and convenience, this is precisely what enables bricks-and-mortar stores to set themselves apart from purely online retailers. In conjunction with an appealing design concept and customer-centered planning, issues such as sustainability and digitization can help to ensure the success of the food markets of the future.


In addition to the needs of retailers, such as optimized logistics processes and efficient goods management, the needs of the consumer are the main focus. By coordinating the customer and the retail journey, these benefits can be achieved for both customer and retailer.


Advantages of OmniStore:

  • More time for people (faster checkout)
  • More time for enjoyable activities (in-store tasting events)
  • Improved product range quality (regional, wide instead of deep range)
  • Improved shopping quality (24/7 seamless shopping online and offline)
  • Improved room quality (emotion, marketplace, materials, trend zones)

Fullfilment Center

The OmniStore draws on existing stores and transforms them into small, local fulfilment centers. This means that in addition to the slightly smaller store, there is a separate order picking area where goods can be stored efficiently and customer orders compiled on an individual basis using automisation - ideal for online orders that the customer can pick up any time they like. This means that the OmniStore concept can be implemented using the space available in the existing store network, simply by changing the relationship between the retail and storage areas.




Peter Prisching
Shop Consult Director

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