Bake Off hot & cold

Modular sales systems for small baked goods


In keeping with the motto “systematic individual design”, we develop both standard and made-to-measure solutions for bread and bakery products based on a modular system - to maximise your sales success!


Flexible application options, user-friendliness and an optimal price-performance ratio are the key features of the umdasch Bake Off product range.


Our modular, expandable small bakery product system gives you the greatest possible transparency and optimal product presentation for oven-fresh baked goods. Each module has four presentation levels in three product areas, supplemented by the individual service unit in the base.

NEW! Bake Off Hot

We've recently added several new versions of the heated Bake Off Hot system to our product range. Hot baked goods appeal to all the senses and will give your customers the feeling of being at the bakery just around the corner.


Benefit from additional sales and upgrade your systems! You can easily upgrade your existing umdasch Bake Off system to the new heated version.

Bake Off brochure




Michaela Drage
Engineering Director

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