The branches of umdasch

A wide variety of branches claim the services and competences of umdasch The Store Makers. From food retailing to fashion to DIY stores, we can cover all areas. In summary, the divisions Lifestyle Retail, Food Retail, Premium Retail and Digital Retail result.

Lifestyle Retail

Our stores write stories - but not all stories start with the first word. It's the first look, the first impression that defines the mood. Shopping means staging. We know that the identity of our customer is inherent in every harmonious shopping experience. From flagship stores to shoes and fashion to the automotive sector, from system catering to bank branches, from consumer electronics to individual pop-up concepts: we make successful stores.


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Food Retail

A comprehensive orientation towards the needs of our customers and an excellent understanding of the market make us a trusted partner in the food trade, for drugstores and health food shops, convenience areas as well as for multipliable system areas. Whether functional furnishings, professional structuring of broad product groups, integration of trendsetting trends and digital solutions, or linking assortment and gastronomy - our experts are the "facilitators" among shopfitting specialists.


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Premium Retail

The world of luxury is not one you enter. You dive in and feel where the special is at home. We succeed in conveying precisely this emotion by thinking, thinking ahead, creating and discussing - with imagination and a feel for materials and trend-setting trends. In collaboration with excellent architects and designers, we create fine craftsmanship that is reflected in the stores of international brands - on airports, in luxurious shopping streets or on cruise ships.


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Digital Retail

The central challenge for the entire retail industry is to convey the right message at the right time and in the right place. The interaction of analogue and digital opens up new options for cross-channel staging. Our digital retail pioneers realize these with a deep understanding of technical possibilities and meaningful applications. The system integration of digital solutions includes Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labeling or Interactive Applications.


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