Visual Merchandising for Beginners

Seminar for Visual Merchandisers and all those responsible for VM
Rosie Hutner
Rosie Hutner

The Baiscs from A for Arena to Z for Zoning

Bricks-and-mortar retail outlets are trying to outdo each other with unusual concepts in order to win over customers. But what about the basics? What do customers find stressful when they are out shopping, and what is productive? Without the basic knowledge, the shopping trip can quickly become a chaotic affair instead of a pleasant experience, and inspiration is overwhelmed by sensory overload. Guiding the gaze and orientation are as important for customers as innovative presentations and digital animation at the POS.

“There can be no highlights without a proper basis,” observes VM expert Rosie Hutner, who will be explaining the basics of visual merchandising from the A for arena principle to Z for zoning, in this seminar. Background knowledge in perception psychology, the customer’s reasons for purchase and a short digression on the subject of light and route guidance round out the one-day seminar.


Keywords to the seminar

• Structure of the retail space and route guidance
• Structure of the retail space throughout the season
• The arena principle
• The use of light
• Colour structure: its use for competence presentations
• The 100 % principle and clean lines
• Arranging the back wall and directing the customer’s gaze
• Table presentations and fascination points

Seminar preview
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