Smart Tracking by umdasch

Smart Tracking

Customer frequency analysis meets shopfitting

The customer frequency analysis by umdasch permits an analysis of customer movements around and inside a shop. The aim of the investigation is to acquire data relating to customer behaviour and to optimise the efficiency at the POS. With the investigation of customer movements within a store it is possible to gain knowledge for both shop design and shopfitting.


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People Counter

With the People Counter, visitor numbers and buying behavior can be analysed. With the knowledge gained from it, it is possible to influence the buying habits of the customers.


  • Increasing your revenue by improving the relationship between buyer-to-visitor
  • Customer flow and trend analysis for the evaluation of advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Optimisation of strategic marketing measures
  • Optimisation of workforce planning at the POS

Gender Recognition

Gender Recognition allows you to generate statistics about shop visitors as well as evaluations of the number and age of male and female consumers.


  • Comparison of gender and age statistics
  • Survey of headcount and demographics
  • Connecting information with traffic flow data and POS
  • Optimisation of marketing campaigns including digital signage

Checkout Queue

Short waiting times combined with optimal staffing at the cash registers are the key to increasing customer satisfaction. The checkout queue by umdasch makes it possible.


  • Minimising waiting times at the cash registers
  • Generation of sustainable customer loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improving staff planning and optimising opening hours


Activity Visualizer

In retail, the Activity Visualizer is used to gain insights into the strategic placement of products or to optimise sales areas.


  • Visualisation of movement and length of stay
  • Showing hot spots and popular areas
  • Display of less frequented areas
  • Recognition of "visitor paths"
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