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shop.up by umdasch is an interactive 3D-planning program for shops. With the help of modern visualisation techniques like augmented reality, the shopfitting professionals at umdasch will design your individual store concept with subsequent price information and order facility. shop.up by umdasch is freely available as an app for the iOS world (iPad, iPhone etc.) and for all popular web browsers.
In addition to the free standard versions of shop.up for browsers or as an app for your tablet there is also a third option: the 
PROVersionInstall shop.up PRO


3D shop planning for store and shop-in-shop areas up to 200 m²

Can be used without specialised CAD knowledge thanks to intuitive user guidance

Modern visualisation methods such as augmented reality

Explanation of the shopfitting systems through animation

Visualisation including product images and lighting effects possible

Price information and ordering options included

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