Promotion Equipment

The Product is the Hero – with furniture from umdasch


Products and brands need the ideal place to present themselves – whether in the staging of seasonal themes or product presentation with digital support through digital signage and electronic price labelling. Multifunctional furniture from umdasch's Store Makers enables one thing above all else: the emotional presentation of products true to the motto "The Product is the Hero!


Promotional equipment is always unique: for every brand, every product and every season. The shopfitting professionals from umdasch plan, develop and produce project-specific special solutions – in this way the Store Makers always offer you precisely fitting furniture according to individual needs from their own production in Austria. With our production technologies and the worldwide logistics network, we always have our finger on the pulse of time and can handle large as well as complex rollouts.

Seasonal, regional, multifunctional

Our state-of-the-art machinery includes a wide range of modern technologies for processing a wide variety of materials such as mesh, pipes and sheet metal. The possibilities of surface treatment are also diverse and range from galvanic methods to powder coating. The production of furniture with different materials in combination, for example with metal and wooden parts, is one of umdasch's specialties.


Eine Basis für Ladenbausysteme, die modular einsetzbar und für jede Branche im Handel anwendbar sind.




Michael Ketschler
Sales & Procurement Director

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