Profiling areas

Emotional stories for products with character


Individualisation at the point of sale plays a key role in all successful store concepts: you can only stand out if you stand out clearly from the crowd and offer a unique shopping experience.


The impact of the megatrend "individualisation" on the retail trade can be seen in various aspects.


The task of us store designers is to create the right experience for the target group in the area of conflict between emotion and efficiency. This is done on the basis of the most multifunctional and flexible store design possible. Ideally, a concept appeals to different target groups equally through its naturalness and authenticity. Keyword: evolution instead of revolution.

Detailed worlds for profiling areas

Future-oriented shopfitting concepts are characterised by a wide range of different materials and diverse design styles that are allowed to coexist. The one, dominant trend in store design no longer exists today – individuality, however, is a permanent companion.




Gerhard Leber
Shop Consult Manager

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