Look & Feel

From floor to ceiling and everything in between in harmonious unison


Every brand needs a story that reaches the consumer. The Store Makers from umdasch tell the DNA of each brand at the point of sale with appropriate words and images, with materials and colors, with everything that is seen or perceived. This results in a coherent visual appearance for the customer. The right branding makes a brand come alive, the corresponding store design shows the customer what the brand stands for. Orientation in the store using the appropriate navigation elements provides an overview and a feeling of security. The customer is inspired by stories that the merchandise tells in the context of its presentation. Materials, typographies, illustrations and images are used to arouse emotions.

The design concept reflects the brand

Today, stores are more than just sales areas: they are meeting places, places to stay and worlds of experience. When creating Look & Feel concepts, umdasch is all about increasing the experience value in a store and creating a very special feel-good atmosphere. It is about the structure of the room and its design beyond visual merchandising and product staging.




Ursula Schütze
Shop Consultant

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